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Happy Birthday, little-soka! by Mew-Ayame Happy Birthday, little-soka! :iconmew-ayame:Mew-Ayame 27 5 PewDiePie W.I.P by Mew-Ayame PewDiePie W.I.P :iconmew-ayame:Mew-Ayame 12 18 HAPPY HALLOWEEN, AWESOME PEOPLE! by Mew-Ayame HAPPY HALLOWEEN, AWESOME PEOPLE! :iconmew-ayame:Mew-Ayame 11 2 iNSaNiTY by Mew-Ayame iNSaNiTY :iconmew-ayame:Mew-Ayame 62 9 Oh, sweet lavender by Mew-Ayame Oh, sweet lavender :iconmew-ayame:Mew-Ayame 85 79 Now you're away from me... by Mew-Ayame Now you're away from me... :iconmew-ayame:Mew-Ayame 147 30 Hetalia-Circle you, circle you by Mew-Ayame Hetalia-Circle you, circle you :iconmew-ayame:Mew-Ayame 472 233 MMD-So I updated myself HERP-A-DERP by Mew-Ayame MMD-So I updated myself HERP-A-DERP :iconmew-ayame:Mew-Ayame 7 3
Dress up is the best stress reliever -USxReaderxUK
Cowboy!America x Reader x Cop!England
This is a back story, so you'll at least have some sort of clue on what your relationship is with them both before you have lemonade. :dummy:
'Another day...another shoulder ache. At least my two favorite boys can cheer me up! Especially Alfred's smile and Arthur's funny, yet cute, eyebrows.' The young woman thought to herself before sighing softly, rubbing her left shoulder gently in fear of worsening the already aching soreness, wanting to ease it instead. Her job hadn't been the most pleasant recently, getting more work hours than she thought was even possible. Receiving late phone-calls, early morning meetings, after hours, so much of these tiring things could surely stress anyone out to the point they actually felt like ripping their hair out.
She should had gotten used to it though, for she has been running this business over seven years, in fact, today was her (Dream business's) seventh year anniversary. Her age was twenty
:iconmew-ayame:Mew-Ayame 133 37
My obnoxious friends-America x Obnoxious!Reader 1
"Packing like a boss, packing like a boss! Pack, pack, packing like a MOTHA-FREAKING BOSS!" You sang excitedly, jamming your stuff quickly inside of the Black Butler messenger bag without even caring if it wasn't organized. Today you, Alfred, and Arthur, were going to England together because it was your Emerald-eyed friend's birthday. Surprisingly, Arthur actually agreed to your idea of having a birthday party there, replying so sweetly, 'Yes! I-I mean, I have nothing better to do...It's not like I enjoy being around you idiots! ...Well, t-thanks...not that I care, or anything...' ...such a sweetheart.
Since you were only staying there for his birthday, which was two days from now, you decided to only pack a few T-shirts, jeans, and your favorite Gumi-Matryoshka hoodie. But, you had a small problem when it came to finishing your packing. Everything didn't quite fit, making it extremely difficult zipping. Glaring daggers, you let out an annoyed grunt as you yank the zipper upward in ho
:iconmew-ayame:Mew-Ayame 267 106
Newcomer: Gemina by Mew-Ayame Newcomer: Gemina :iconmew-ayame:Mew-Ayame 10 0 Summer time smile! by Mew-Ayame Summer time smile! :iconmew-ayame:Mew-Ayame 45 9 My Fantasy is my reality by Mew-Ayame My Fantasy is my reality :iconmew-ayame:Mew-Ayame 46 15 Hello there, pretty darlin' by Mew-Ayame Hello there, pretty darlin' :iconmew-ayame:Mew-Ayame 71 74 You don't remember me... by Mew-Ayame You don't remember me... :iconmew-ayame:Mew-Ayame 148 74 MMD animation test by Mew-Ayame MMD animation test :iconmew-ayame:Mew-Ayame 34 11


Starry textures x SUPERPACK by zummerfish Starry textures x SUPERPACK :iconzummerfish:zummerfish 1,032 178 Merry Christmas by Missesglass Merry Christmas :iconmissesglass:Missesglass 827 73 BSD Odazai by ChitandaKillumeen BSD Odazai :iconchitandakillumeen:ChitandaKillumeen 89 5 Mystic Messenger: 707 by Airianne Mystic Messenger: 707 :iconairianne:Airianne 963 68
Shukan Soine Otome Drama CD
Shukan Soine CD series is a series in which your boyfriend cuddles next to you and talks with you until you fall asleep. Each CD features a different type of character, and lets you experience a different type of boyfriend. This so Kakoii, because they like whispering a your ears...
There about 12 boyfriends will chat and company with you on a bed :love: :iconirapeitplz:
Official Website:
****Password: A42****
Volume First Drama CD
Age: 26
Occupation: Fairy tale writer
Character setting: Yasashii, onii-san type
Seiyuu: Hirakawa Daisuke

Volume Second Drama CD
Age: 28
Occupation: IT
:iconaeiyrra-42:Aeiyrra-42 190 201
Electric [Dazai | Reader] Drabble
An ominous feeling followed the heavy footsteps through the hallway. Dripped in black and navy blue the night sky left an eerie backdrop behind the eerily quiet house. The stillness amplified the floorboards creaking and shifting beneath the weight of two pairs of shoes while dust fluttered up from the tarnished grey rug. A green sickly light funneled in from beneath the basement door. A chill ran up your spine as a shadow flickered across the floor. With a clenched jaw you peered forward and tried to ignore the fitful pounding of your heart. Again the shadow raced back and forth behind the basement door with soundless movements almost like it was floating. The doorknob suddenly rattled and fell to the floor with a loud crash that vibrated through the entire house. Bursts of swirling black and ice cold mist shot across the room. Your heart squeezed and your fingers clenched at the sight of a decrepit looking–
“HOLY MOTHER-” you squeal as a pair of c
:iconlittlenovabomb:LittleNovaBomb 45 2
Mature content
Trois [Akutagawa | F!Reader | Chuuya] Drabble|NSFW :iconlittlenovabomb:LittleNovaBomb 20 2
Mature content
Can't Resist You~Yoosung~Lemon~ :iconjeelynasaurus:Jeelynasaurus 137 24
Oikawa Tooru x Reader - Back Rubs
Sexual Implications
R and Tooru are in college, and I personally love the idea of very self-conscious Tooru so you shall have to watch out for subtly self-conscious Tooru. Other than that, enjoy!
It was the times like these that made the couple the happiest.
No matter what troubles they went through at any other time, whether it was the stressful classes or Tooru's long times away for Volleyball travel, the two always made time to have these special moments.
Wind blew in from the window in a calming manner on a rather gloomy day, but it did not bother the two loving people laying on the bed enveloped in each other's warmth. They cuddled under a warm blanket of silence, not bothering with the horrible world around them. It was romantic, calm, and enjoyable for both parties. But we all know, nothing so perfects lasts very long.
"Tooru?" The name rolled off of their tongue with a sleepy sensation while turning to face him, a sight the boy
:icontrashiprince:trashiprince 54 7
|| sexy sexy love [nagito komaeda]
you and nagito got influenced by the potion. (event takes place in despair arc episode 2)
You didn't expect yourself to be in this situation. You were just eating food, after all.
No one knew that Hiyoko added a different soup to the nikujaga, and now everyone was acting all lustful. Everyone had red rosy cheeks and were panting heavily, most of your classmates approaching one another.
"Nidai..." Akane whimpered, her own hard-headed attitude turning into a submissive girl. Nekomaru, suddenly entranced by his friend's state, leaned closer. You could feel yourself tightening as they looked lustfully into each other's eyes. You were beside Nagito Komaeda, your close friend, who was starting to feel the side effects of the soup.
"Th-this is a matter of serious concern..." Your homeroom teacher, Chisa Yukizome, panted. Not after that, her own arms collapsed as she breathed heavily. She didn't look as if she fainted, but more or less extremely in the mood. You could notice the gamer o
:iconfikuushon:fikuushon 54 8
altruistic | nagito komaeda x reader
    "Does this hurt, my hope?" Nagito asked, his gentle voice resonating through the room.
    The white haired boy gingerly brushed his fingers over the bandages that were wrapped around your hand. You shook your head in response to his question, to which he placed a feather-light kiss upon your palm, grazing the wound that laid underneath. Nearly moments before were you gripped with pain, sporting a gash on the palm of your hand. After clumsily cutting yourself on the blade of a knife, even from the kitchen had the male heard your pained yelp. Before guiding you to the nearest seat, he made sure to faintly scold you on not being more careful when tending to dishes, carefully taking your injured hand in his. He then treated the laceration with excessive care and caution.
     The hope-obsessed luckster seemed to have deemed you as a fragile porcelain doll that could break with the slightest touch with how softly he tended to your wound. He
:iconchronologize:chronologize 51 4
[BSD] Payment Dazai x Reader
Mildly pervy. It is recommended to know Dazai's story.
Being a part of the Detective Agency had it’s ups and downs. On one hand, you got to hang out with the others, but it came with the cost of hard work. You had one of the harder jobs which required you to fill out paperwork about damage repairs because of a select group of people had a great idea to ruin whatever they touch. A very specific trio of men. You couldn't get mad at Atsushi, he caused little to no damage (because he hasn't controlled his ability yet) but you wanted to kill Dazai and Kunikida. It was their fault for making your life a miserable hell. Granted, you weren't just didn't have that much experience on the field compared to the others. 
Letting out a sigh, the clicking sounds made by the keyboard bored you. To your left, was a curly-haired man lying down on the couch, eyes closed, arms crossed above his head with headphones in his ears and was humming some kind of song.
:icononeechansenpai:OneeChanSenpai 38 4
Anime valentine couple creator by Pichichama Anime valentine couple creator :iconpichichama:Pichichama 426 115 Anime magical girl dress up game by Rinmaru Anime magical girl dress up game :iconrinmaru:Rinmaru 385 47
Awesomeness that puts Prussia to shame!



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everything about this account is so embarrassing why did no one stop me what the fuck


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