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July 4, 2012
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(Contains: sexual themes)

Hearing the music booming, bodies becoming more heated with each passing minute, you push yourself further into the danger zone. Or, shall we say, moving your lowering body teasingly against his own, swaying erotically to the slow yet sensational beat without any trace of regret. Why would regret be an issue? Quite simple, it just so happens that your alluring dance partner is none other than Alfred F. Jones. Your best friend of six years.

So, if you're only friends, what would ever make you dance in such a way with him? Well, Francis had thought the music was a little too up-beat, not having enough romance or passion. As the country of love and beauty, he made it his personal mission to fix such a horrible tragedy, at least, he thought of it as one. Also, he has been watching the guest of honor, along with his beautiful lady friend, which of course, is you.

Being friends with both you and Alfred, he already knew of your growing affections for another. Neither you or him have ever actually voiced them to each other, but no-one knew love like Francis, who could sense it a mile away with absolutely no trouble. Even if both you and Alfred couldn't see it, Francis definitely picked up on your silent flirting. He noticed your blushing, Alfred gazing at you longer than what's normal, and let's not dare forget your constant friendly hugs.

Oh, yes. Francis knew it all too well. So, like the good friend he could be once in a while, he slipped the DJ a bit of money so that he'd play a more....romantic melody, grinning wider than the Cheshire cat as he watched you and Alfred slow down your joyful, fast dancing. His grin, if possible, grew considerably when Alfred, so-ever boldly, placed his hands onto your supple hips, rhythmically swaying back and forth.

Your back was pressed closely to his chest, arms raised high above your head to wrap tightly around his neck. It felt quite odd at first, never having your body so close to another one, let alone a male, in front of so many people. But after only a few short minutes of it, you finally felt your entire body completely relax into his, letting it move even more closely to his, so much in fact, that not an inch was un-touched.

Perspiration forming, causing your clothes to stick further onto your heated skin, you turn to face your so-called friend, smirking devilishly at his flushed facial expression. There was also something else appearing, could it be...lust? You've never seen that expression darkening his eyes before in public, your cheeks developing a deep blush onto their already flustered, redness.

"(Name....) Why don't we take this party somewhere else, I don't know, private?" He whispers with a deep, husky tone, his hot breath blowing across your neck in an almost teasing manner, thrusting his hips into yours, only to receive quiet moans in response. Taking those moans as a yes, he, without any care in the world, or actually to whoever was watching, threw you over his shoulder with absolute ease.

Swiftly dodging the sweaty, dancing bodies, he quickly made his way toward the stairs, seemingly running for his bedroom. He didn't notice the sly Frenchman, who was watching the whole scene from afar, chuckling while praising himself for bringing two lovers together like cupid, but being more gorgeous than cupid could ever hoped to be.

With his mission completed, he decided to go pester the Englishman who was sulking in a far off corner, Arthur to be exact, because he always seemed so depressed on this certain day. Which meant all the more fun for Francis.

Back to you love birds, whose bodies were shed of all clothing, except for your black laced panties. You were currently having a tongue war, feeling Alfred's hands explore each inch of your burning body. You moan into his mouth as those large, warm, hands squeeze your breasts quite roughly, letting your lower regions grind forcefully against his, also making him groan lustfully, your nails dig harder into his back, though he awfully loved it.

Your tongue twisted around his, tugging it into your mouth for better access. He wasn't in agreement, gently nipping at yours to bring inside of his mouth instead. Pushing your tasty appendage against your mouth's roof-top, he skillfully wrapped it using his own, pulling it further into his wet cavern.

You weren't particularly happy about being dominated easily, so you took action immediately. Placing both hands onto his, surprisingly, well-toned chest, you turn the tables with a forceful push, hearing him gasp from shock in the process. Grinning down at his stunned features, you pluck a small feather that was poking out from one of the white, fluffy, pillows.

Trailing it up his chest, you gasped when his hands gripped onto your hips tightly. Hm, it seems he couldn't take being teased. Ah, how fun this should be! Giggling, you trail the feather down his body at a painstakingly slow pace, smirking as he begins whimpering. With a teasing kiss to his bruised lips, which also meant yours were as well from constant contact, you decided to go even lower.

Starting at his neck, you nip the smooth skin before going further down. Following the feather, you let your tongue lick its way downward, along with the occasional kiss to increase this arousing torment, feeling heat burn even more exceedingly inside your core as he groans from pleasure.

Reaching his pride and glory, you trail the soft feather to his shaft's tip before moving in a circular motion, panting somewhat as his whimpers become louder. Using your index finger, you trace unique patterns along his shaft's base, relishing its smooth surface, and of course, Alfred's hands massaging your scalp when you finally took his manhood deep into your mouth, reaching the back of your throat.

As you bobbed your head, you continued trailing the silky feather onto any part of him you couldn't fit, noticing how the sounds he made were a mixture between moans and laughter, giving you a pleasing feeling just by knowing you're the one giving such sensations to him.

Before he could come, you kissed your way back up his body, abandoning the feather since you had no more use for it. Straddling his lower half, you roll your hips into him, throwing your head back to let out a pleasured moan, him mimicking your actions, though they sounded more deeply lustful.

Sensing that if he doesn't get those panties off soon, he'd end up ripping his hair out from sexual frustration. So, taking hold your hips once again, he was the one to flip you this time, watching as your eyes widen before closing tightly when he began ravishing you with nips and kisses.

He, like you had done moments ago, started kissing down your body, only to stop at your chest so he could suckle your breasts, tantalizingly tracing circles around your left breast's pert nipple. Smiling with glee at hearing your moan of approval, he pulls it between his teeth, stretching it upward which sent pleasurable shivers down your spine, earning him another beautiful moan.

After satisfying that certain hunger, he trailed his tongue down toward your navel, where he licked around the middle before blowing cool air onto you, feeling your shudder against his delicious appendage. Lowering himself, he finally reached his goal, a wide grin spreading across his face as he let his gaze meet yours for a split second before grabbing hold of your panties with his teeth.

Pulling them off swiftly, he kissed his way up your legs until he found your own, soaked, glory. Without warning, his pink treat pushed itself through your opening, instantly causing a loud, extremely aroused, scream to escape from your throats confinement. Feeling his fingers play with you while he continued grinding his tongue against you, your hands shot out to grasp onto his cowlick.

He moaned deeply when you pulled immensely hard, removing his tongue before your release could be fully complete. Now this caused you to slightly scream in frustration, literally yanking him to your eye-level. Oh, but he loved it. He loved how rough you were being, his hardness could be considered enough as proof.

Locking yourselves in another heated kiss, you felt his harden length position itself at your willing opening, arms snaking around his shoulders as his own slither onto your waist, embracing you closely. And that's when your mind went completely blank, all but one sensation going throughout your passion-filled body. Pure, blissful, pleasure.

Oh, Francis wasn't as good as he thought. Yes, indeed, this most certainly was not the first time you or Alfred had done this with each other. Actually, you've been doing it for months. How many? You both lost track after about nine.

Your relationship could be considered as 'Friends with benefits', but you both knew of how strongly you felt for each other, making it be so much more than that. But, for some reason, you hadn't made it official. As in, calling each other 'boyfriend' or 'girlfriend. Which was why it felt so odd displaying physical affection when you both were dancing together, usually not doing such things in public. Also, something Alfred has been dying to hear, you haven't told him 'I love you'.

Grasping onto your hips, his thrusts quicken greatly at hearing your command that he move faster, drops of perspiration rolling down each of your foreheads. With you clawing his back so furiously, he took hold of your right leg, lifting it over his shoulder for more pleasure. And did it work, quite well in fact, since both of you were screaming to the high heavens.

And heaven it was, for such a blissful sensation blinded you both into nothing but pure ecstasy, screaming each of your names without any thoughts of the people downstairs hearing. Even then, you both wouldn't care, not with how high your minds were from excitement.

His thrusting didn't end there, however. Instead, he flipped your body to be above his, letting it once again straddle him. Both still being connected, you placed your hands onto his chest, slowly moving your hips up and down like you were when dancing.

Letting your gaze land on his face, you felt somewhat insecure about your body as you noticed his eyes trailing over it, causing a small whimper to bubble up in your throat. Catching onto your bashfulness, which is quite surprising, he grasped your right hand, bringing it to his lips where he left a sweet kiss. Gently tugging you down, he begins placing butterfly kisses along your face until he reaches your soft lips, sweetly kissing them.

"You're....Gorgeous...(Name.)" He says between those kisses, running his tongue on your bottom lip for entrance. Smiling softly, you allow him to trace his tongue along yours, nipping it every now and then. But before long, you both break the kiss to let out another pleasurable moan when he bucks his lower half strongly against you, causing that feeling of ecstasy to return at full force.

After riding out your second blissful heaven, you collapsed onto his heavily breathing body, you as well trying to fill your lungs back with oxygen, inhaling and exhaling exceedingly next to his neck. Catching your breath a few minutes later, you raise your head so your sweaty forehead would be pressed against his own, sticking them together.

Arms wrapping around your waist in a tight embrace, Alfred sighs softly, running a single hand through your silky locks. You giggle, kissing his nose as you felt his unoccupied hand rubbing soothingly down your middle back. Smiling at his own grinning face, you give him one last, sweet kiss before making his entire life complete.

"Happy Birthday, Alfred....I love you."

He couldn't ask for a better gift.
America, you sure as hell can't say I don't love you. Canada just got a kiss while America....Honhonohon~! You know you all love this perverted mind. :iconbricked-plz:

Happy Birthday America, and Happy 4rth of July everyone! :iconyayzplz:

I would have done this yesterday, but I couldn't stop watching the season 4 dub of Hetalia. My gawd...Their personalities are so freaking different if you've only watched the Japanese version. But they're so funny! XD Now, I shall go eat a crap-ton of ice-cream. Because, like America said, and I quote, "I do what I want, bioch!"

GOD BLESS AMERICA! :iconhyperamericaplz:


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Sorry for any errors, I don't have a beta reader!

Hetalia © Hidekaz Himaruya

I'm going into fanfic heaven now since so many people wrote for him, peace!!! :iconfrenchsquealplz:

EDIT: WAAAH!! What the crapola happened here?! I have over 10,000 pageviews and over 200 watchers?!?

I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!!! :iconcryforeverplz:

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Ok so I loved this!! Buuuut I'm confused? I thought u said they didn't know what it was like to be so close to each other.... But then they were having sex all this time??
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