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February 29, 2012
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"H-Hey, Hong Kong? H-Hey, uh..." You struggle to say, leaning lightly on your left side. You had finally mastered enough courage to speak with him, your long time crush, Hong Kong. You had been secretly in-love with the laid-back nation for quite some time now. It started back when you first met him, along with his family, at one of the World meetings. Your country's business marketing wasn't doing well, so you needed help badly. You knew of China's great success in that field, so of course you went to him.

He didn't mind helping, as long as he got some of the profit. You did not complain, seeing how much you were in need of help. Then, two boys, seemingly coming out of nowhere, caught your attention when they, well just the one with an odd hair curl, started talking to China. The one with the curl was saying something about how marketing was all started, and made, in Korea. Which caused China's facial expression to turn irritated. While China scolded the boy about being rude for interrupting his conversation, you were too busy staring at another.

He was just standing there, no smile, frown, anything. To you, he seemed bored. You tried making small talk, but he only nodded yes or no as answers. When you mentioned 4rth of July coming, specifically the fireworks, did you see his eyes spark with slight interest. You used that to your advantage, and were finally able to hear his voice. He had only said '"They are lovely"', but it was a start. You melted, yes corny, in his voice.

Few months had past since then. Your country was doing amazingly better, but you still visited the Asian nations. South Korea took a liking to you, or your chest, and had been knocked out many times by either you or China. China was a nice friend, while Taiwan became your newest best friend. You weren't sure what Hong Kong considered you as though, he never really talked much. Even so, you felt different around him. His calm personality pulled you into a peaceful trance, and those eyes...You could feel your cheeks redden.

You spent, as much as you could, time with him. And sometimes, managed making small talk. He didn't make many facial expression, a few curious looks here and there, not a lot. But once, when you said how much fun you had with him after the 4rth of July party America had to celebrate his birthday, did you noticed a little smile playing at his lips when staring at you. At least, better known as hoped, you thought he smiled at you.

So now, here you are, trying your best to gain his attention away from the book he's reading. Right now, only you and him were alone in China's house. China ran out of some things, so he needed to go out for a few hours. Taiwan threw you a sly look, that made your cheeks light up brightly, when she offered to go as well, ending up dragging South Korea along because he wanted to stay and watch his favorite drama. She knew how you felt about Hong Kong. This was just her way of helping you out, and for her own fun because she also knew how shy you were around him.

After tapping his shoulder, did he finally look up at you. You gulped, those eyes of his...


That voice...

"I, um...wanted to know if, maybe, you'd like to....Y-You know, uh, do s-something together...? I-I mean nothing out of the ordinary! J-Just spend t-time with each other, s-since we never talk much...Y-you don't have to, though! I just wanted to-" He cut you off by placing his index finger onto your lips. You felt your face heating quickly at this sudden touch, and hoped you wouldn't faint from happiness.

"You speak too much, and your words tend to stutter. Also, your face is red." He cupped both of your cheeks, which now put the saying 'tomato red' to shame. Even more-so when he started rubbing his cheek against yours.

"Your face feels heated. Like a firecracker." He mumbles unemotionally, moving his face up and down as if he thought your cheek would start sparking like sparklers. By now, your heart might just do so. Because you felt it beating so fast, it might just explode. You try breathing normally, but that's becoming quite hard when he suddenly pulls back, only so he could stare you straight in the eyes.

"Your eyes look like Roman Candles. So bright, with many colorful emotions swirling around." Again, no emotion was in his voice. To anyone else, he may have sounded bored. But to your ears, you thought you heard a slight something. His voice almost seemed softer.

"W-W-What? Wow...I don't think I've ever heard you t-talk this much before....Y-you should do it more often! I-I really like hearing your voice! It's so...tranquil. Like the aftermath of firework sparks.....I-I didn't mean i-in a bad way! You know t-that calm feeling you get by j-just looking at them? Um, does that make sense? Uh...I-I mean-" Your speech was once again quietened down by Hong Kong, but this time...It was his lips pressing calmly onto yours.

"You were doing it again." Was it your dazed mind or did his voice have an emotion to it? Something soft, warm...loving? If this is a dream, please let this blissful slumber continue eternally. But there is no-way he just said anything emotionally, let alone lovingly.

"Sorry..." Was your only reply. You're lucky even that came out from your dry mouth, because you didn't feel anything else could be said from it. Your heart did a back-flip up to your throat when he leaned his head onto your chest. You couldn't breathe or even move an inch of your body when his arms wrapped around your waist as he pressed further into you.

"H-Hong K-Kong...?" You squeaked out softly, wrapping your arms around his head, placing your hands into his hair. The scene looked like one from those cheesy romantic movies, and yet if someone saw, they'd surely go 'awww'. Your mind was spinning from being held in such a way. You never would have imagined, maybe daydreamed, that he'd do this kind of thing. It felt...well, words can't really describe. But you'll go with warm.

"Your heart is loud, like a firecracker. That isn't normal."

"Are you saying I'm a firecracker....B-Because you keep comparing me to one..."

"Is that bad? Fireworks are very beautiful, like yourself. You shouldn't complain. Besides, I love fireworks."

"Then...May I be a firecracker for y-you?"

"You already were."

You lifted his head with both hands, smiling shyly. Mentally giving yourself a prep talk, you pressed your lips to his. He softly returned the kiss, his hold on you tightening somewhat when you shyly licked his bottom lip for entrance. He allowed, letting your tongue slowly enter his sweetness. You kissed him timidly, while he was more calm. Gently caressing your tongue with his.

When you both pulled apart, you were breathing slow breaths in order to stay on your two feet. If he wasn't holding you right now, you might have just fell from feeling weak in the knees. Yes, you think, that sounds cheesy. But damn, this cheese tasted good.

"Wow...who knew I wouldn't mind being considered a firecracker, let alone love the person calling me it..." You say, blushing immensely. He leaned his forehead against yours, the same unemotional look gazing back at you. That is, until...

He smiled.

Extended ending.

"HEY, HONG KONG!!! (Name's) breast are mine! Why are you hugging her!" Gotta love the family.

Request from :iconpastanotwar:

Picture not mine!

Was listening to this when writing. [link]

Okay, so after writing two horror stories, I had to get my fluff on! I don't know much about Hong Kong, only that he's not very emotional and says things without a care in the world.

Also, he has a thing for fireworks. I really love this guy! He knows how to make sparkles sexy! :iconhongkongsparklesplz:

I have a headache... I guess rocking out to Vocaloid songs, earphones in, full volume, singing into a hairbrush, dancing like an idiot, does that to you... :iconsweatdropplz:

Hetalia Hidekaz Himaruya

Firecracker/You Hong Kong

Your vital regions, still being fought over by Hong Kong and Prussia.

:iconprussiaplz: :iconhongkongplz:
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