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Ah, Valentine's Day. The most romantic day of the year, making every couple await it's arrival eagerly. You just so happened to be one of those people, because you had a certain someone on your wish list. That delicious Frenchman known as Francis, the ultimate flirt. Yes, even though he was a flirtatious pervert, you still loved him. You had been together for about one year, but that didn't seem to effect his flirting ways. Women, or even men, he tried spreading the love everywhere. And quite honestly, you were getting sick of it. You never once did anything of the sorts, so he shouldn't as well.

So for your first Valentine's Day with him, you had a plan. You were going to make him only want you, to beg and plea for just you. Make his eyes burn with that undying love and lust for only you to see. Your special gift will have this Frenchman wrapped around your slender little finger.

Right now, you both were at one of his fancy restaurants to celebrate your first Valentine's Day together. You had made sure to put on your most sexiest black dress, making his eyes trail your stunning form with hungry, lust filled gazes. It hugged your body in the most pleasing ways for his lingering stare, teasing him greatly when you walked by with a sway of beautiful hips. The end would rise with each step you made, showing just enough of your thighs to get his mouth watering to a great extent. Especially when you accidentally dropped your hand-held purse, bending over in front of him to pick it back up.

So far, your naughty little plan was going smooth. Even if he was flirting with the waitress, you would gain his attention back by letting your leg slowly brush up against his. That look he would give you each time made sensational shivers flow through your body like a newly made river, making you want to hurry along with this yummy plan, playing heated scenes within your not-so-innocent mind.

"Ma chérie, are you enjoying yourself? Would you like to leave and skip dinner for my dessert? Honhonhon~" He let's his right hand slither up your leg, stopping a little too close near your inner thigh. Playfully, you slap his hand away, batting your eyelashes with a small pout coming across your succulent lips.

"But I really wanted to try their strawberry tart. Oh, and  Francis, you may look all you want, but no touching...For now, that is." You whisper lowly in his ear when speaking your last sentence, causing his lips to twitch into a seductive smirk. The thoughts running through his mind showed clearly on his face, and you wondered if he'd  pounce you right there, in front of everyone. You wouldn't put it pass him to do such a thing in public either.

"Your mouth says those words, but your body is telling me otherwise. J'ai envie de toi, ma chérie." Oh, that delightful accent could weaken any girl to his every needing demand. But you weren't going to be one of those girls tonight. No, he will be the one pleading with desperation. Thinking that, you put on your sweetest, innocent smiles. Hiding your true, devilish, feelings.

"Really? Well, it's also saying how hungry it is. Will you not answer to my body's needs?" You lean on the table facing him, placing your chin onto your closed hands with the table supporting your elbows. By doing this, you had given him a better view of your glorious cleavage. Ah, he was giving you that look again, very amusing. Now you had his attention fully on you, not even glancing at the waitress as she delivered your order. He had been so caught up with observing you, he had not placed a order. So only you had gotten dessert, strawberry tart.

He didn't seem bothered by this, not with the way you were slowly eating the strawberries. You would eye your tasty treat before letting your tongue lick around it. Then, bite the tip off and begin sucking it's juices. He would watch the way it's liquid sweetness ran down your chin, dripping onto your breast. If you were correct, he'd make a dash out of here with you in three....two...

"It is time for us to leave, now! Don't worry, I have already paid!" Not even giving you the time to blink an eye, he had you in his arms bridal style. Leaning into your ear, he whispers strongly in a husky tone of voice with that lustful glint sparking his baby blue irises. "I will answer to your body's hunger myself. Each need, I will please."

( Le, honhonhon, time skip~)

After arriving home, quite quickly since he drove at full speed while passing red lights, did he have you pinned to the wall. At once, he crashed his lips to yours in a fiercely passionate kiss. His hands were reaching for your dress's zipper, but you kept your back pressed firmly against the hallway's wall. Opening one eye slightly, you noticed his are closed. Perfect.

Before he could pull you into the bedroom, he felt something being held near his noes. Also, that your hands had removed themselves from his golden locks. Suddenly, his head started feeling light and his vision was blurring quickly. Falling to his knees, then left side, the last thing he saw was your growing smile.

Two hours since then, did he finally awake, sitting upright on something hard and cold. He still felt light headed, vision still a bit unclear. But when trying to rise himself, Francis found that he was unable to do so. Eyes widening, he tugged his wrist, which were tied to the metal chair's handles. He tried again to free himself, not having any success since the knots were too tightly made. Scanning the room, he noticed strawberries, whip cream, scissors, and many other things on a table next to his king sized  bed. Finally, he realized you were no where to be seen among these things.

Did someone break in and did something to you? Were you hurt? Kidnapped? No...It was coming back to him, that memory of you before he fell unconscious. You had something to do with this, because that smile could only be described as...lustfully playful. But you wouldn't go as far to actually use chloroform on him, right? You were so innocent, meaning he'd be the one seducing you into bed each time you both shared intimate moments. So you couldn't have done this...?

Hearing the door opening, his thought bubble burst when he snapped his head in it's direction. You were there, leaning on the door's frame with crossed arms, smirking deviously. Except there was something different about your appearance. Instead of wearing your body-hugging black dress, you had on a tightly made, low cut, blue sweater. Also, you were sporting a cute, short, white skirt that didn't leave much to the imagination. Especially not to this Frenchman's overactive mind.

"Looks like sleeping beauty finally awoke. Now, I have an offer for you." The way you walked up to him, swaying your body seductively, smirk widening devilishly, he could feel his lower regions hardening uncontrollably as tiny drops of perspiration fell from his temple. He didn't know what brought on this naughty side of yours, but he definitely wasn't going to be complaining any time soon.

"Surely, you wouldn't refuse such a proposition." You say in a barely heard whisper next to his right ear, nipping it before you began circling him. His burning gaze followed your enticing form intently, already seeing images of your ripped clothing on his bedroom's carpeted floor. Until, you ceased your lion-like stalking. Stopping behind him, you snake both arms around his neck, laying your head onto his slightly shaking shoulder.

"Would you like your own strip show for Valentine's Day? But first, you must say please." You take hold of his earlobe, pulling it gently between your teeth as you begin nibbling. You remove your hands from his neck, letting them fall onto his well shaped chest. You slid them slowly, causing his shaking to increase from shivering out of pleasure. Your fingers work their way back up, his shirt's end coming along as well, lightly brushing his smooth skin. You couldn't lift it off, not with his hands being tied to the chair's handles, so you reach for the nearby scissors glinting next to you on his maple colored table.

Giggling, you step back in front of him. Without a second thought, you straddle him by placing both legs on either side of his waist. Thighs squeezing firmly, you cut up the middle of his light blue dress shirt, slicing it until all of his stunning torso was exposed to your eyes only. Throwing the scissors  aside while dipping your head down, you lick his pink nipple before blowing cool air on it, whispering... "Say please if you'd like your gift to be unwrapped..."

"P-Please! Do not tease me in such a way, ma chérie!" His head falls back, moaning lowly in his throat as you play with the zipper of his darker blue dress pants while licking small circles around his upper chest. You could feel just how much this was effecting him by pushing your finger inside of the let down zipper. You swirl it a bit, causing that moan to burst from his throat's confinement.

"Don't make demands." You bite his neck somewhat hard, good enough to leave a small mark. "Say please like you mean it." Grasping the end of your sweater, you teasingly lift it back and forth upwards, showing glimpses of your creamy looking stomach. You feel his harden worsen as he bucks harshly upward, making a mixture of moans and squeaks fall upon his ears from you.

"Please...!" He gasped when you rolled your hips strongly against his erect member, tugging his tied hands fiercely for release. He wanted to touch you, so very badly. But mostly, he wanted your sweet taste. Never had he craved for such a thing before, but with's all he could think about. Your sweetness made his body scream with ever lasting pleasure, making him hungry for more each passing day he went without it's appetizing taste.

"You're getting there..." Smirking, you finally removed your sweater, putting it behind Francis neck as you hold the sleeves ends. Pulling them down, also making his head go as well, you let him bury his face into your cleavage. You giggle at the tickling sensation caused by his somewhat hairy chin, getting little moans in response. You jump a bit when you feel his warm tongue licking every inch it was able to reach, giving you an idea.

You grab one of the strawberries from it's bowl, your breathing picking up little by little as he begins nipping. Gently lifting his head, you place the strawberry between your breast before pushing him back. He takes the hint immediately, biting it's middle so the juicy fruit would explode it's liquid goodness onto your heated body. He lapped up as much as his skilled tongue could, you raising your hands to get lost in his silky locks.

This went on for another minute until you lifted yourself up from his lap, standing once again before him. "Say please for a sneak peek of your present, mon amour." You raised your left foot and placed it between his legs, letting it push into his throbbing member teasingly light. You thought his pants might rip open at any giving moment by the size of his growing erection, it made you feel incredibly pleased, knowing that you're the one who is causing it.

"S'il te plait! S'il te plait!" He begs desperately, shaking his head side to side dramatically. Make him beg for you in utter desperation.


With your mission of getting him to beg desperately finished, you let the tiny little skirt drop slowly down your cleaned shaved legs, even your red panties fell along too. Oh, that look brightening his facial features was priceless. You thanked your lucky stars he was bound by rope, or else he would have taken you then and there without no questions asked.

Looking down at him, you knew those pants had to go, thus, making you do exactly what you did before to his dress shirt. Slicing his boxers to pieces as well. Which shocked you that he was even wearing any kind of underwear in the first place.

You sit back on his lap, eyes glinting playfully at his rather lustful ones. Grasping his shoulders, you begin grinding your lower self against his tantalizingly, but not letting him inside of you. Not only was he moaning quite loudly, you found yourself doing the same as you felt him start grinding upward rapidly, trying to find your soaking opening. Your body was set to flames when both of your speed increased greater, your moans mixing together to create an almost musical sound.

As you were doing this, you unclasped your matching red bra, throwing it over your shoulder while placing your hands around his neck, shoving your face into the left side of it. Breathing in his rose-like scent, you moan loudly when he finally discovered his long awaited Valentine's Day present. Slipping inside of you, your nails dig into him as he begins bucking harshly. Your moaning soon turns to screams at his growing passion, face flushed and breathing uncontrollably.

You felt his mouth drop towards your chest, hungrily devouring your delectable right nipple. He bit it between his teeth, tugging it while letting his tongue swirl unique patterns from time to time. You could feel his own body heated immensely from thrusting so desperately, the sensation of your releases coming on tenfold.

You felt as if you couldn't get enough air into your lungs even though you were breathing so exceedingly. His own breathing was quickening when you began pushing further into him, now having every inch of the harden Eiffel tower inside of you. Making your grinding become bouncing extremely rapid.

Sweat was making your bodies stick closer together, and the feeling of his soft lips running kisses up your collar bone, sucking hard enough to leave red love marks that only he could create, made your stomach twist with tremendous pleasure. Even more so when his lips finally met yours in a intense, sensational kiss.

You weren't going to let him win dominance so easily. You push his tongue further into his throat using your own, then try sliding it to the right. He stops this by gently biting yours, twisting it in a tangled war. You feel him push back into your mouth, crashing your tongue against the roof of your mouth. He then proceeded with exploring his newly won territory.

It annoyed you at first that he had beaten you, but it was all too soon forgotten when he began rolling his hips, causing you to scream out his name while never breaking the lustful kiss. You also let your hips roll, making him hit a certain sensitive spot that had your head spinning from the fantastic sensation.

If bliss was heaven sent, it must have thrown itself into you as your walls clenched around his shaft. The feeling of his seed spilling into you felt amazing, both of you thrusting a few more times until you finally collapsed onto his heavily breathing form, resting your head on his rising chest. Listening to his beating heart, you were about to fall into a blissful sleep, even though you were in a sitting position.

"I love you, Francis."

But when you felt two arms wrapped themselves around your waist tightly, a loud scream came running out from your mouth...He snapped the ropes....he was free....

"Je t'aime tellement, (Name.) Bonne Saint Valentin. But now, it is time for you to receive your own beautiful present. I'm still hungry for dessert, honhonhon~"

Oh shit...

You're screwed...

Requested by :icongmd-girl93:

Hetalia © Hidekaz Himaruya

Song inspiration. [link]

Ma chérie = My dear (Thanks soulmadnesslove!)

J'ai envie de toi, ma chérie = I want you, my dear

Mon amour = My love

S'il te plait = Please

Je t'aime tellement = i love you so much

Bonne Saint Valentin = Happy Valentine's Day

Sorry for any errors! Please tell me if I got them wrong! No, I didn't use France's accent because I didn't want to butcher it! It's too sexy! *Is a lover of France accents*

Ya know, when it comes to lemons, I'll hold back...But with France, my mind pretty much screamed "F*CK IT!" and this happened....

Lemons I've read always have the guy doing most of the stuff, so me being my non-normal self, I let Reader-chan get her sexy on. But come on, the guys shouldn't be the only ones who get to have fun, right? :iconfrancegimmegimme: Also, I have no idea how strip teasers work, so I'm sorry to any out there... (France: :iconheplz: ) Oh, and I might write a sequel...France didn't give you his gift, and neither have used the whip cream... :iconhonhonhonplz:

After all the fluffy stuff I've been writing, I'm gonna write something with sadness/yandere next!!!!!! :iconkillitplz:

Oh yeah, and I thought about writing a random, cracked up story for when I have writers block.

The reader (That's you, hahaha. :iconamericaderpplz: ) gets a new America plushie. And while in your room, you wish he was real, and that he was madly in-love with you. Next day, some dude you don't know is making themselves at home in your kitchen!

Sneak peek:

"HOLY SHIZ! SOME HOT COSPLAYER BROKE IN! Mom, get my nunchucks! I got some ass to kick!"

So yeah, if I get enough comments, I'll write it! xD Now, after writing this, I need to clean my mind of these thoughts! So I'm gonna cuddle up to my Alfred plushie in my bed! Wait...Alfred...My bed...OH SHI-:iconovariesplz:
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CheeseyLovelyBuddy Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2017
This is sOOOOO GOOD! *Starts tearing up and slapping the fuck out of a table... basically having a tantrum* PLEASE WRITE A SEQUEL I ALREADY CAN'T FIND MY OVARIES THEY FLEW TOO FAR
samicat224 Featured By Owner May 27, 2016  Hobbyist Artist
lol , i loved this ! it totally sounds like something i would do XD good job 10/10
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Excellent lemon by the way :D

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Me: Why me again, Melody?
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Melody: So help me you know I will tie you to this sofa until you read it.
Alex: WHAT!?
Reese: I'll do it. .3.
Melody: ... Okayhavefunbye *runs*
(OC Key:
Melody = France
Alex = America
Reese = Russia)
KittyLoveJJ Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2014
Love the hip pic
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Dat description tho xD

Best France x Reader lemon I have ever read o3o

Now if you'll excuse me...
*dies of major blood loss*
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this was the best france x reader lemon I have ever read !
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